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Mew of the Southern Islands
31st-Dec-2037 03:39 am - Page: Feedback
My Buying/Selling Feedback
100% Positive so far!

Drawing Commissions page

H/5mm hook

Arms (make 2)
Row 1: ch rnd 12 and close rnd
{Row 2: sc row (12st)
Row 3: dc row (12st)}
Rows 4-12: Repeat {} to end of Row 12. Fasten off with long tail left for sewing.

H hook
Row 1: ch 30 and close rnd
{Row 2: sc row in rnd (30st)
Row 3: dc row (30st)}
Rows 4-12: repeat {} rows
Row 13: dc 10 onto left (your left) sleeve, sk 5 on body, dc 5 on body, dc 5 on body, dc 10 onto right (your left) sleeve, sk 5 on body, dc10 back across front to finish row. Now sew the armpits of the sleeves to the body using the long tails you left when making them.
Row 14: sc row (40st)
Row 15: dc row to middle of back (35st.) Cut and tie off.
Row 16: dc 5, dc rest of row starting at stitch after the last stitch of the previous row (40st.)
Row 17: turn & sc2,dec1 row (29 st)
Row 18: turn& sc2,dec1 row (24st)
Row 19: turn& sc2,dec1 row (18st)
Row 20: turn& sc2,dec1 row (14st)
Row 21: turn& ch4, bptc row, then turn and tc in other posts (to mimic folded-over thick turtleneck sweater.) Tie off and sew on a snap if desired.

(c)2017 snowby, repost/reuse is okay.

This is imperfect, but I tried... -__-;  At least it is cute!

F 3.75mm hook
Row 1 Magic ring and sc3
Row 2: sc,sc,Inc alt row  (4st)
Row 3: "" (5st)
Row 4: "" (6st)
Row 5: "" (8st)
Row 6: "" (10st)
Row 7: "" (13st )
Row 8: "" (17st)
Row 9: sc row (17st)
Row 10: change to pink yarn, sc 17
Rows 11-34 sc 17
Row 35: ch1sk1,dc1 alt row (17st) row to thread pretty ribbon in between
Row 36-43: sc row 17st
Row 44: ch1sk1,sc alt row (17st) top thread lanyard in between
Row 45: sc row (17st) and close.  Sew in the ends.

14th-Aug-2017 01:05 pm - Pretty Tiger

Photo by Phoenix Zoo on Instagram.   (credit link)

"Beautiful photo of Jai (a Sumatran tiger) from Zoo member, Rocky Morris, during a light, misty rain over the weekend. #MondayMotivation"

The big cats are such beautiful animals (at a distance! )

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